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Friday, April 11, 2014

Archive Post #2 - from Gingerology - originally posted June 2, 2012

...Shake That Powder Puff...

...the 'previously unreleased' screencaps of Miss Lily doin' that thang...

...well, thanks again for the nice response to the Upper World review... hope ya get a chance to see the film...
Well, The staff of Gingerology is off on vacation in a few days, but a post MAY sneak into the plans whilst away from home base... otherwise, the 'construction' of the 'FilmBlogs' are still underway... I am going to set up all 'general' features on the first 'full length' film blog, Young Man of, be checking in on that one every now and again, and PLEASE throw in any suggestions for the blog 'content'...once YMOM is 'set-up', then it's on to all the others in similar fashion, one-by-one... and of course, The Gay Divorcee is on the way, review-wise...That one may require a 'two-part' review... Hmmm... stay tuned...
Hope everyone is having a great intro to summer... stay safe and have FUN!!!!

KIG, y'all!


  1. Enjoy your vacation...and when you get back, check out a perfect resource to find more Ginger stuff (if you didn't know about it already) -- the Media History Digital Library ( In its words, it's "a non-profit initiative dedicated to digitizing collections of classic media periodicals that belong in the public domain for full public access." So far, it's collected more than 200,000 pages of trade publications, fan magazines and more; titles include Film Daily, the Hollywood Reporter and Motion Picture Daily among the trades, and Photoplay among the fan mags (most of the other mags date from the early 1920s, before Ginger or Carole got into movie careers). It's been an invaluable help for me in searching Lombard material for "Carole & Co.", and there's probably all sorts of fascinating Rogers items as well (particularly involving productions she either dropped out of or, for one reason or another, were never made -- some great "what ifs").
    1. Thanks VP! I think I wandered into that site once before, but I REALLY need to go 'deeper' into it and grab info from's great that there's a site like that... I think one of the big 'ideas' behind breaking each film down is to 'document' each one, and hopefully make useful databases for folks... like the one you mentioned...

      Have a great week, VP!!!


  2. Geez just looked at that site and you really have to know your magazines!! (guess who doesn't lol)

    Speaking of documenting films, we're long overdue a new biography on Ginger, specially now the new book on the Astaire's came out and all

    Have a great vacation, busy celebrating a diamond jubilee over here, weather's not so hot though!
    1. NOBODY does pageantry better than the Brits!! :)

      Welcome back, Huey. Despite the rain and health woes, I hope you came back refreshed. Looking forward to The Gay Divorcee review. Make sure you get a good "Night and Day" screen cap. Ginger might have been still in the learning stage, but I LOVED that dance.
    2. ...don't worry...after this review, I will most likely have to 'add memory' to the circuit board due to the # of caps done... it WILL be interesting to see just how much 'face time' Ginger actually HAS in this film, tho...probably not as much as we might think... and yes, Night and Day is sublime, if I can be secure enough in my masculinity to actually say that... I think I am...cause there's not many other ways to describe that dance :-)

      thanks for the kind words, Lady F!


  3. ...saw bits and pieces of the Queen Mum's celebration...awesome stuff...not every generation gets to see all that!

    ...well, ya know, I would just LUV to see Roberta put out a book about Ginger, but...probably won't happen. I would love to be able to write some type of 'Ginger bio' as well, but a) I am NOT an author, b) I have NO 'insider insight' (and very few folks left out there DO, with Roberta obviously being one of them), and c), as much as WOULD love to try something like that...I just don't have the time...
    but, hopefully one will appear... the magazine 'database' would be a fair start... although who knows just how 'truthful' some of those articles were... I think Ginger and Lela kept a close eye on that, tho...

    Well, glad to be back...hopefully will get rolling on 'Divorcee' here in a few days...

    KIG, Kat!!!


  4. Think that would have been the Queen's Diamond Jubilee!! Seeing as the Queen Mother's been gone 10 years, we went up to London on Sunday and saw the Queen (and the rest) at a distance :)

    Yea anyone who had the time and the skill to write such a book would definitely need to either be Roberta (lol) or get access for long detailed interviws!

    Good to hear the vacation wasn't too bad!
    1. Well, see, I'm just not 'up' on all the protocol involved... so the 'Queen Mum' is actually not THE Queen, but the Queen's mother - who never actually was the Queen it. Oh well...I'm learning, right? :-] Still a pretty awesome daughter saw a good bit of it, and really thought it was cool... for 'Queen Ginger', it would be great to compile info, actually put into something that would be a readable volume would be something altogether different. Hmmm...the 'long detailed interviews' of Roberta would be nice... Lord knows we'd all be able to come up with enough questions, right? :-]

      But as to the trip, we had a good time overall, if just to get away... we'll probably do another trip later in the summer...of course, the 'D.C.-parlay-into-Boston' trip would be great, but...who knows. Not sure if the Ginger exhibit will still be there, anyway. If I DO get something rolling on that, I'll definitely need to get any info ya have for the curator, locale, etc...if that's cool.... but it is a small probability, sadly.

      KIG, KAT!

    2. If anyone NEEDS to go to the Boston exhibition (besides FredandGingerMad, of course) it is you. You are the chief Gingerologist in charge and all that. The exhibit is amazing and full of personal letters and scripts and personal photos. If you can possibly, in anyway, at all, somehow, get to Boston GO, GO, GO! [Note: the exhibit is only open 9:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri.]
    3. yepyepyep...I may contact those fine folks up there and see if there's ANY plans to take the show on the road...if not, I'll make it up there sooner or later... maybe by summer's end...

      But, of course it is REALLY calling me, y'know? ...and it IS pretty cool there's lots of stuff in Beantown to check out... so would be a cool trip...PLUS, as I've noted, my wife's aunt/Unc live near Baltimore, so that would be a fair 'home base' towards Boston...but it is still a ways from that point... now, if they moved it to the Smithsonian, THAT'S what I'm talking about...

      KIG, 'e'!!


  5. The 'Queen Mother' was the wife of King George VI (the former Duke of York) she was the one who invited Adele and Fred Astaire to come and see the baby ;)

    The Queen, Elizabeth II is celebrating 60 years on the throne hence all the celebrations, pretty convenient that her diamond jubilee and the olympics fall in the same year

    There's already a couple of 'tributes on the market' would be nice to see something a little more accurate perhaps, not to mention updated, with that as an aside, two different books on Ginger mention that the fashion show in Roberta were filmed in colour, heard/know anymore?
    And enough questions? think the interviews could go on for days/weeks even months!!

    Yea, i know how nice it can be just to get away, i have a couple of days away in just over a week and then it'll be Boston again 2 weeks on Tuesday :) coming around mighty fast, then its a month of working so not quite so much fun!
    The exhibition is still on right now and they did say back in March likely to last until the new school year starts, hope you get a shot at making it :)

    i got some more sheet music today (a fine romance and the way you look tonight) plus the Roberta soundtrack on record so all happy here :) (despite the rain)!!
    1. well, heck, thought I replied to this - the new 'format' or whatever is a bit more of a bear to keep up with, so bear with me...

      Anyway, hey...y'all going to any Olympic events? I didn't make to any when it was in Atlanta...heck, they played the 'intro rounds' of the soccer right here in B'ham... really should have checked that out.

      ...well, guess if I'm getting to Boston, it better be soon...dang it... it's one of those deals that if I go, it will appear closer to 'home base' (not that that would be bad, as I'd obviously go again), but if I DON'T go, it'll never be seen again...dang it.

      hey, good to hear you are loading up on sheet music....I have those... it's cool to collect... I get my wife to crank out the tunes on piano - pretty cool...

      One of these days I need to 'take inventory' of everything...and document a lot of it in the filmblogs... and I'm pretty sure I have the Roberta soundtrack...honestly, I have enough records to listen to for awhile...not sure why I haven't yet... I still want to get them onto the blog(s), if I can ever figure it out...more stuff to get done, right?

      Hope the rain ceases for ya! Have a great Gingery weekend, Kat!